{Skin}-Lara Hurley



{Heels}-*L.Inc*-Sexy Me Heels

{Eyes}-.ID.July Group Gift

{Outfit}-.:Fall In.:-Parati Dress

{Nails}-Scrub-Break One’s Back

{Arm Gloves}-Scrub-WebGloves(NEW)

{Tattoo} Upper-::Core::-Upper-Silent Eagle~Lower-Endless Pain

Mmmmmm I love this look..I was browsing on mp and came across this dress and everything else just fell into place. Scrub just released the WebGloves and I was like omg puuurfect!..[E] is having a super sale on hair ..70% off till Oct. 1st *keels over* ..The Poses and Photo area are Free at Behavior Body amazing!! check it out. The Stocking and shoes ..are pure sexyness ♨

there are days,
when I need you to hold me tight in your loving arms.
hold me close and keep me warm.
look me in my eyes and tell me, that I’m the one for you.
tell me I am your every wish come true.
lay down next to me, make love to me,
caress my body from head to toe,
not missing a spot.
lets make each other hot till out body heat rises.
take my body on a journey that never ends.
do whatever your heart desires,
as long as its pleasing, its all yours.

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