{Skin}-Glam affair



{Boots}-Latreia-LaDonna BLACK(NEW)

{Eyes}-.ID.July Group Gift

{Outfit}-Graves-G403 Wildcat(NEW)

{Nails}-Scrub-Break One’s Back


Meowwwww.. I had soo much fun making these pics and Hera Aviatik Owner of Latreia who was kind enough to let me take pics with her amazing boots is to take the credit Thank you Hera!! The Boots are amazing ..they fit puurrfectly and look so good ,they are also Mesh ppl! rawrr take a swing down to her shop and check out her shoes..very highly detailed and high quality. ♥. The Graves outfit is new as well..the spots,Belt,and buckles are apart of it..Best Latex outfits in SL in my opinion :). Again I am wearing [E] Hair (Sexy) which is a newer style and the 70% sale is still going gets your butt down there!

I tell myself inwardly not to rake my claws down his back.
Instead, I leaped at him and batted his face with my paw, asking for a play fight.
In return, he takes my paw in his mouth, and I lightly extend my claws and put them back in.
He spits my paw out and grabs it, but I force it out of his arms and leap.
He turns around and leaps at me. I rear up, and knock him to the ground.
Winded, he rolls over, exposing his neck and belly. I lunge for his neck, not about to bite it, and release him.
He sits up, his eyes wide. “Wow, where did you learn that?” He asks in awe.
“I thought of it on the spot,” I meow shyly

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