{Hair}-Exile (NEW!)

{Outfit}-FnH “Belt Up” Top White-FnH “Belt up” Skirt black

{Eyes}-{alterego}-eye Collection (Gradient) IV

{Nails}-[Virtual/Insanity] NABOO Sharp Claws

{Ears}-HOO~Snug Ears (Gradient) [Edited] on MP

{Tattoo}-(Upper):Wicked Tattoos: Love is Painful (Lower) .::Delusions ::.Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi

{Horns}-+PE+-Trihorns Chained

{Necklace}- MG -Pekkala’s Moon Pentacgram @ Limited Bazaar http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Euphoria/97/37/21

{Boots}-{alterego}-Stompers [White]

{Stockings}-*L.inc*-Sexy me Heels Stocking Warmer

{Tail}-Hyperborea (Cat Tail)

{Piercings}-(Face)-[Ni.Ju]Poporue-(Mouth) -UtopiaH-Chained-(Chest)-…::Scrub::.-Pinched Neck (Belly)[ S H O C K ]-Spikes & Skull

{Makeup}-Damned-Kajal,White Spray

{Teeth}-::Envious::-Vampire Teeth

WooOooOo Creaturesque lols..I actually went to Fuk ‘N’ Hawt cause it had been awhile since I stopped in..I wanted to see what they had out and oooh I shopped a lil..ok ..ok I shopped ALOT 😀 and started throwing stuff together and said damn I am gonna blog this ;p. I try and keep up with new releases from all my favorite places but there just isn’t enough time in the day for me to do that. So I hope you like , I had fun as always putting it together and taking the pics and I think I will keep it on for a few hours lol Happy Shopping Addicts! :p

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