{Outfit}-SUGAR Delirium Dress (Pink Flames) *MP Promo*

{Eyes}-{alterego}-eye Collection

{Nails}-..::Scrub::..-Knuckleduster @ SWAGfest

{Tattoo}-(Upper):Wicked Tattoos: Cupcake Sleeves (Lower) Wicked Tattoos Flames


{Piercings}-SuPerBia Piercings Set 8(Edited)(Chest)-…::Scrub::.-Pinched Neck


                                                                     {Cig}-dl::Dirty Girls Pipe

PINK IS THE COLOR OF PASSION,PINK IT JUST GOES WITH THE FASHION its true lol.Although I could have bought all the dresses up there if I had no will power..tons of different textured one to choose from ..and its a promo on MP ..Love the way it fits..love the way it looks and wanted something Hawt :D. There is also other Mesh items up if your in the mood to Browse through. If your looking for a very high quality skin and something different League Skin is Gorgeous! js :p

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