{Skin}-Glam Affair


{Hair}-Magika-Stubborn (NEW)!

{Outfit}-AngelRED – FULL PERM Bloodlust Mini Dress Kit

{Eyes}-.ID.-Glass Eyes

{Makeup}-Damned-Butterfly Effect


{Earrings} -Voodoo Rocker

{Stocking}-*L.inc*-Sexy Me Heels Stocking

{Boots}-AngelRED Mesh Temper Heels [Black] (NEW)!

I am now an Official Blogger for AngelRED!! \o/..Lexi Zelin has Amazing Stuffs..Regular or Mesh and many many great styles to choose from not to mention FULL PERM!!! items you can Purchase if you are interested in creating your own business or just want to make something all your own woot woot ♥. So I have the Pleasure of bringing you Bloodlust Mini Dress which you can purchase at AngelRED Couture. The Boots omg they are amazing and MESH!!! Another item you can pick up at AngelRED :D. Magika has  new hair out!!! *Jumps up and down* lols I loves it ..amazing as always! ok guys so head on down to AngelRED and check out the stores,the Lucky Chairs,the MM Board which happens to have Mesh Boots on it today :O and Check it out ..you wont be disapointed 🙂 ♥ and BTW the Song Below I am making into a gesture so be sure to look for it on MP!!


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