{Hair}-*ARGRACE*-Military Cap “Loose chignon”

{Outfit}-~Sassy!~Contour dress -camouflage @ Forgotten closet (NEW!)

{Eyes}-{alterego} eye collection-gradient IV

{Makeup}-:Z.S:-War Paint @ Forgotten Closet (NEW!)

{Necklace}-.: Platinum Jewelry :. – Dog Tags Chain

{Bracelets}-dl:: Combat gloves

{Goggles}-dl:: dirty broken Goggles

{Leg Bands}-dl:: Military Leg Strap,dl:: Ladies Secret gun

{Tattoo}-dl:: WTF Body Tattoo

{Heels}-*Dreams* Mesh sweet pumps @ Forgotten closet (NEW!)

I had to show my support for the new round @ The Forgotten Closet Event. This round is a tribute to all the Fallen and wounded Soldiers http://seraphimsl.com/2012/11/12/reporting-for-duty-at-forgotten-closet/ . Some Wonderful Creators put great Military themed items up for all to enjoy. To all the Men and Women that have served and still serving THANK YOU. The Video Posted is a original song honoring all veterans and is beautiful!


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