{Skin}- {alterego}- Typha Pale




{Outfit}-::RB::-Mesh Skimp Zombie Bitch Tube (NEW!),::RB:: Mesh Swag Mini skirt Pink (NEW!)

{Heels}-Debrah’s “Stilty” xtreme Platform

{Nails}-Mstyle Perfect Hand

{Piercing}-Hebenon Vial- Beast

{Bandaid}-:Wicked Tattoos:-Bandaid 3 Emo

{Makeup}-AngelRED-Bloody Zipper eye Makeup,-Damned -Tribal

{Necklace}-Love Zombie-Plain skull collar,:ZS:-Jeweled Skull Necklace

{Tattoo}-[MALICE]-Thug Life

ALRIGHT I got some more ::ReBorn Mesh Clothing :: Coming at ya! woot..I am loving the clothes and the textures and the variety and not to mention the shop set up is sweet. there’s some guy stuff getting thrown up there as well so check it OUT. This Mesh fits great on different sizes :D. Enjoy Sexeh’s~~♥


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