{Skin}-al vulo!-Polly*


{Hair}-Wasabi Pill-Kylee (NEW!)


{Outfit}-MIEL TARY Top Cinder,MIEL TARY Skirt Cinder

{Boots}-*Snol-Black Knee Boot

{Nails}-Mstyle Perfect Hand

{Piercing}-Hebenon Vial- Beast

{Tattoo}-*inkies*-Pin Up Flowers

{Makeup}-Damned -Tribal,Damned Queen of D. Black Grey Pack,Damned Sprays Mega Pack

{Collar}-Fet!sh-BDSM Ring-Sation Collar

{Stockings}-*Sheer*-Tights 02 Torn Nylon

{Bracelets}-*.::LOULOU&CO*::.-:: Dulce Muerte

Blogging by mood again guys :). It’s a grey Cold day where I am at, although I am feeling a little fiery hence the red hair :P. I seen this cute outfit while out and about doing the fifty Linden Friday’s and thought it fit perfect. There are 2 different Versions of the Skirt that come with a Pencil Holster or Plain and the top has a pocket version or without.Wicked cute. The hair is Beautifully crafted and would expect nothing less from Wasabi Pills, Def. a hair worth getting. I love these Boots..they go with everything and great texture and also Mod if you want to change it up. Have a great day and keep warm to all that have Wintery cold days going on. ♥


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