{Skin}-:F:.Mia . Ivory


{Hair}-Magika-Quote (NEW!)

{Eyes}-.ID.-Moody Vampire-Wispy Blue            

{Outfit}-:{MV}: Paint it Black Kini Top Leopard,B&T Mesh Jeans “Black Leo” Avail @ The Black Event

{Shoes}-DADAbeiz :: Scandal Black Heels

{Hat}-[Kirei]- POLICE HAT Avail. @ The Black Event

{Shrug}-.: ZcZ :. -Frankie Shrug Avail. @ The Black Event

{Nails}-Mstyle Perfect Hand

{Tattoo}-Corvus-Reversed Cross Tattoo

{Piercing)-.Pekka.-Miracle Piercing.-[Ni.Ju]- Spikes and Chains Eyebrow Piercing

{Makeup}-Corvus : -Deep Black eyeshadow

{Cig}-[VIRTUAL/INSANITY]- Lucky Stroke Ciggie (Bengal)

Sales!..Sales!..Sales!.. OMGGG lol..ok first Filthy Skin is having a Closing sale 😦 due to the creator wanting to change it up and create more mesh items which isnt BAD…will Just miss the amazing skins she Creates SO the Closing Sale lasts from NOW to Dec. 5th. Skin Packs are 299L, if your in the Group all Group gifts are free..the Group is no longer open to enroll. Male and Female skins guys Grab them up Here!.  The Black Event is going on now, EVERYTHING that is in this event is 10L or LESS!!!! amazing stuff from jewelry to Mesh Clothing and furniture, Accessories just Crazy amounts of stuff ..COOL stuff go check it 🙂 I had alot of fun browsing and shopping.DADAbeiz is also having a sale on their shoes \o/ 15th-30th of Nov. 150L sale and all Fatpacks are 50% off!!!! New Magika Hair wooo cute,sexy,stylish all rolled into one *dances around* ok enough with the ramblings have fun peeps and if I don’t Blog again before Turkey day HAPPY THANKSGIVING ♥♥♥


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