※ Glazed ※

lej lej lej lej


{Skin}-:[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Lyala ] – [ Mystic sunkissed ] TDR Exclusive


{Hair}-Alice Project – Jessica – Infinity (NEW!)

{Eyes}-AL vulo ! *carry on Lyala mystic eyes

{Outfit}-{alterego} pure – white

{Heels}-Latreia- 2013 Scenic Stiletto (NEW!)

{Nails}-Mstyle-Perfect Hand

{Piercings}-<-Puncture-> Smiley Piercing – Captive Bead,- .HoD. – Deadly Venom Piercing Collection Prt. 2 v2  (NEW!)

{Bracelets}-: Amorous : Galvanized

{Makeup}-Blah. (BB’s Eyeliner Black -Ultra Thick)-[White~Widow – Face Tattoo] Capricorne (NEW!) @ Zodiac Event

{Tattoo}-Endless Pain Asian Dragon Frost Exclusive! @ Depraved Frost Event

{Horns}-[Aux] In Dreams – Horns – Ivory @ Zodiac Event

{Teeth}-[Label Mode]-Hamby Teeth

The Zodiac Event is always fun to look forward to. Lots of things centered around Capricorn this month I loves it..they have several different styles of horns to choose from different creators,Skins,Nails,Outfits just goodies :). Deadly Venom  Piercing Collection From HAUS of  DARCY has 3 Facial Variations (Not Worn) and 2 Chest Variations with 3 Signature Metals Awesomesauce! And as always Alterego has sexy EVERYTHING lol this outfit caught my eye a bit ago and I grabbed it up I don’t have the Boobies that are also a option to wear with this Outfit but I have been thinking about it 😛 Props to Toxxi an amazing Artist. I hope you guys Enjoy and if I don’t get a Chance to Blog again till after the Holidays MERRY CHRISTMAS!!♥♥


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