❦ I’m No Cinderella ❧

curly Curlycurly


{Skin}–Belleza- Kate Tan Frost



{Eyes}–SU!- Minerva Eyes Black

{Outfit}-.Mes Sucreries. My BITCH Top – White @ TBS,-SU!- Punk Panties 06

{Boobies}-Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts

{Boots}-*Crazy* Caligo Boots

{Belt}-*BLITZED* BUG belt

{Bracelets}-: Amorous : Galvanized

{Horns}–UtopiaH– Infected Horns in Silver (NEW!)

{Nails}-Mstyle Perfect Hand

{Makeup}-SuPerBia TaTs – HaLLoW FaCe TaTToo

{Piercings}–UtopiaH– Justice Piercing + Dimples

{Tattoo}-Top-.:: Delusions ::. Sleeve Tattoo – Devils Advocate-Bottom-UtopiaH– Beyond the Death Tattoo

{Necklace}– .HoD. – Fallen Version v2 Necklace

{Collar}-*L.inc* Bound Collar Black

{Wings}-dl:: Lost Angel Wings…

{Stockings}-dl:: Serrated Socks

{Teeth}-[Label Mode]-Hamby

I sooooo LOVE these horns from Utopiah. They come in several colors and a bruised Tattoo Layer a must have. I was all over the grid today picking up little things here and there 😛 its my sporadic de stresser Shopping lol so enjoy the post Sexeh’s and I hope your all looking forward to the weekend I know I am :). ♥♥♥

☀ Daylight ☀

hoodie hoodiehoodie


{Skin}-Glam Affair – Amberly – America 01


{Hair}-/Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh

{Eyes}—SU!- Minerva Eyes Sea

{Outfit}-*X*plosion Complete Tingly Outfit (WhiteBlack)

{Hoodie}-[monso] My Fur Hoody – BnW  (NEW!)

{Nails}-Mstyle Perfect Hand

{Makeup}-Blah. (BB’s Eyeliner Black -Ultra Thick)

{Piercings}– .HoD. – The Dead Piercings & Makeup Collection,[Ni.Ju]-Spikes & Chains, Eyebrow

{Tattoo}–UtopiaH– Punched Cross Tattoo

{Collar}-Cute Poison – Posture Collar – Cross

{Teeth}-[Label Mode]-Hamby

Ok guys if you like hoodies or Mesh or both this Hoodie by Monso is a must have..it fits so good and looks sooo good lol I don’t want to ever take it off! I stopped by Xplosion to see what’s been put out lately cause I loves her stuffs ..been shopping there a long time and she had this sexy outfit screamin my name lol..totally sexeh! .H.O.D has this awesome piercing out with makeup if your a group member you pay the vendor and will be refunded the money back so basically a group giftie \o/. Enjoy Sexeh’s! ♥

♥ This is Love ♥

Valentine ValentineValentine Valentine Lej8_001


{Skin}-Glam Affair – Amberly – America 01


{Hair}-TRUTH HAIR Bianca – black & whites

{Eyes}–SU!- Pure Eyes Light Blue

{Outfit}-[PL] Stupid Cupid w/Lolas Tango App. @ PW

{Boobies}-Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts

{Boots}-DADAbeiz :: Black-Color Lace Ankle Boots

{Nails}-Mstyle Perfect Hand

{Makeup}-:[P]:-Ataciara Makesups Red,Blah. (BB’s Eyeliner Black,[PF] Kumi Cosmetics <Hazel> – Matte Lips Scarlet

{Piercings}-.Pekka. Miracle Unisex Piercing,[Ni.Ju]-Spikes & Chains, Eyebrow

{Tattoo}–UtopiaH- I’m the Wings That Keep your Heart in the Sky Tattoo @ PW

{Necklace & Bracelets}-.:* LOULOU&CO *:. – SET :: EROS :: @ PW

{Arm Bands}-NIRVANA – Barbed Heart Armbands

{Teeth}-[Label Mode]-Hamby

{Poses}-:: Focus Poses Valentine’s Day Set :: @ PW

I fell in love with this outfit as soon as I saw it at Perfect Wardrobe it comes with the arrow in the booty,Bow,Mouth Arrow,and Boobie Arrows!! way cute not to mention I love bodysuits I had to wear it and pose it and show it off! heheh. Utopiah has an amazing tattoo there also \o/. Some Beautiful jewelry from LOULOU&Co. I couldn’t resist :). The Amazing Poses I also picked up for a steal ..Nothing was over 100L that I seen. My favorite kind of event. Happy Shopping Sexeh’s! ♥♥♥

❀ Glad You Came ❀

 forestgreen green


{Skin}-:[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Alyss ] – [ Wonderland blonde fair] FREE! GROUP GIFT


{Hair}-(r)M ~ c o l o u r ( f a n t a s y /w T i p s ) FREE!

{Eyes}-{alterego} eye collection – gradient – pack IV

{Outfit}-~D’Noir~ top Ring blue @ Boobie Planet,[y] Symetric Cardigan – Black @ SLFW,Blueberry Melissa *Mesh* Belted Denim skirt

{Boobies}-Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts

{Hoofs}-*Epic* Faun Boots {Black-Laced} Unisex

{Antlers}-+Half-Deer+ The Jackalope (Midnight) @ SLFW

{Tail}-(pera) – Stripe Tails imp

{Nails}-[VIRTUAL/INSANITY] NABOO Rings & Claws

{Makeup}-Corvus : Fighter Eye shadow,-UtopiaH- – Dawn of the Dead Makeup

{Piercings}-.Pekka. Miracle Unisex Piercing,[Ni.Ju]-Spikes & Chains Eyebrow

{Tattoo}–UtopiaH- Punched Cross Tattoo

{Collar}-Inside Lab. – Ava Collar Black @ SLFW

{Teeth}-[Label Mode]-Hamby

Boobie Planet is only on for a couple more days so stop by if you haven’t already. SL Fashion Week is going strong with some amazing stuffs out. Freebies galore if you look in all the right places 😀 Lovin it!. enjoy sexeh’s ♥

VvvV Love Bites (So Do I) VvvV



{Skin}-:[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Jade ] – [ Winter snow Bronze ]


{Hair}-^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Eleanora HairStyle/Light Blondies (NEW!)

{Eyes}-{alterego} eye collection – gradient – pack IV

{Outfit}-::DirtyMind:: Blair Bodysuit w/Lola Tango app.(NEW!) @ Fi.Friday

{Boobies}-Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts

{Boots}-[GW] Hoof Boots Black

{Horns}-Chus! Eissect Pack ~ Depths

{Tail}-<H> Cat Tail

{Bracelets}-[whatever] curvy bracelet + feather earrings – black @ Fi.Friday

{Nails}-Mstyle Perfect hand

{Makeup}-Corvus :Deep Black Eyeshadow

{Piercings}–UtopiaH- Bound Piercing,[Ni.Ju]-Spikes & Chains Eyebrow,.:ellabella:. Saint – Mercury

{Teeth}-[Label Mode]-Hamby

Here I am playing with my avi again heheh. I loved This Bodysuit immediately and it came with Lolas Tango Applier wooo. Had to grab it up there is so much there and priced lower then normal! \o/. I Have loved these horns since I seen them at the Frost event awhile ago I got them in a few different colors…Sexeh Horns rawr. I hope your all having a great weekend and enjoy the post. TC Sexeh’s ♥