Gluttony ☠





{Skin}-:[P]:-3-3-2013- Maelian Beta Skin Lazy sunday


{Hair}-/Wasabi Pills/ Julia @ WCF2

{Outfit}-*League* Nyx Corset -Leather- Black @ WCF2..,Happy Undead – Mini Skirt

{Boots}-[Etchaflesh] Kavita Gluttony Boots @ WCF2

{Nails}–UtopiaH- My Immortal Hand @ WCF2

{Eyes}-.ID. Glass / Aqua

{Horns}–UtopiaH- My Cute Horns in Black

{Tattoos}–UtopiaH- Around The Hell Tattoo @ WCF2

{Gloves}-<Toxic Bish> Immortal Gloves black @ WCF2

{Makeup}-SuPerBia TaTs – WaRs 3 FaCe TaTToo @ WCF2

{Collar}-Inside Lab. Sophie Necklace Silver @ SLFW

{Holster}-{ae} gun holster @ WCF2

{Belt}-{alterego} revenge belt

Shopping and Event Overload!!  I have only hit a couple of the several I am going to get to lol. Absolutely beautiful skin at Plastik for Lazy sunday for only 75L! which is  a steal and comes with Lola tango App. several Eyes, Makeups and Eyebrows Grab that up Well worth the money. This Gorgeous Wasabi Hair and top are just amazing if and when you get to Whore couture fair be sure to peek in Every shop because there is just so much there! Utopiah has these beautiful nails and tattoos among many other creations available I am in shopping heaven. Superbia has awesome awesome piercings and makeups and there is just so much. alterego has totally amazing items in her shop and is also a sponsor for Whore couture Toxxi you ROCK! These Boots let me tell you I am going back for more colors omg Etchaflesh outdid herself and is a new sponsor woot! Check out that SHOP! If you were saving your L for anything this is the Event to go to! Happy Shopping Sexeh’s ♥


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