Feel This Moment ۵۵





{Skin}-Glam Affair – Zara – @ Skin Fair



{Boots}-Latreia– Lilith Black (NEW!)

{Nails}-Mstyle Perfect Hand

{Eyes}-{D.A} Sinistre Eyes – Horror Edition

{Makeup}-MONS / Makeups – black eyeliner series @ Skin fair..,Inside Lab. Birdtale Liner @ Skin fair

{Piercings}–UtopiaH- Quirky Piercing

Hello Sweet Sexeh’s. I love this post this skin is just amazing which is not surprising since it’s glam affair :). This head covering vest I actually found at Relay for life which I believe is over now but it is still available at the Yasum store which the owner and creator just got done redoing her sim so be sure to check it out. The Shrug is actually apart of an outfit including the head covering which I had seen later but I so wanted this cute mini from there for this exact look :P. New Stompers boots from Latreia that come in several colors. Enjoy Sexeh’s ♥

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