F*kin Problem (◣◢) 凸





{Skin}-Glam Affair – Zara @ Skin fair


{Hair}-Eaters Coma – HAIR 18 (NEW!)

{Outfit}-*HolliPocket* Basic Memories Tops-Camo GFW..,*Milk* My Russian Mini Skirt Black

{Panties}-*Milk* My Panties Undone

{Boots}-Razor /// Regulator Combat Boots -Red Fist LE GFW

{Boobies}-Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts

{Mask}-=Razorblade Jacket= Neoprene Mask /// Hot Pink Camo

{Horns}-<-Puncture-> Dermal Spike Implants (Horns)

{Bracelets}-PP- Rock Leather Studds Bracelets

{Necklace}–Z-Chain BITCH Platinum By Naheemah Banx

{Nails}-Mstyle Perfect Hand

{Eyes}-{D.A} Sinistre Eyes – Horror Edition

{Makeup}-Inside Lab. Retro Liner

{Piercing}-[ S H O C K ] Spikes & Skull – Belly Piercings

{Tattoo}–UtopiaH- Me Weird? Bitch, I’m Limited Edition Tattoo

{Headband}–UtopiaH- Spiky Headband (NEW!)

{Sabre}-[Manticore] Sibers

Grenade Free Wednesday baby! lol Hollipocket has these hawt Camo shirts up for a low low price but only for today grab them up. Razorblade Jacket has these bad ass Boots Limited Edition for Grenade free Wednesday also I LOVE THEM’s Both are on the jersey shore sim. New Hair from Eater’s coma they are starting to be another favorite hair store for me ahh :P. Be sure to check those out. Giggety Giggety I adore my new pet From Manitcore and will probably be getting more. \o/. Hope your all having a awesome Humpday!. Enjoy Sexeh’s ♥

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