Slipping Away ☥





{Skin}-Essences – Taurus @ Zodiac


{Hair}-Action Mesh Hair Megan (NEW!)

{Outfit}-^^GT^^ Tube Dress Draped face (Horror Haute)

{Boot}-[sYs] KAZAKH boots MESH – Plastic black

{Nails}-Mstyle Perfect Hand

{Eyes}-{D.A} Sinistre Eyes – Horror Edition

{Mask}-:Z.S: Steampunk Gas Mask (NEW!)

{Horns}-.Mes Sucreries. Manga Horns { Chained } Black (NEW!)

{Bracelets}-LaGyo_Eleanor bangle @ TDRF

{Garter}-dl:: Addicted Legband

{Makeup}-[ni.Ju] Ankoku..,Inside Lab Retro Liner

{Piercing}-[ni.Ju] Spikes and Chains Eyebrow Piercing..,-UtopiaH– Wild Skull Piercing

{Tattoo}-[Top]–UtopiaH– Around The Hell Tattoo..,[Bottom]–UtopiaH– I’m the Wings That Keep your Heart in the Sky Tattoo

Hey there my Sexeh’s. So we got new hair at action woot woot I originally picked up a purplish pink version at The dressing room then I HAD to go to the main store and pick up more colors :P. It’s awesome!. Zombie suicide has these Amazing Masks out! they come in all kinds of different colors and huds to choose more 😀 def. get your cute booty’s there :D. More horns ppl from Mes Sucreries ahhh these are totally delicious . Very well made! grab them up. Hope you enjoy the look and Happy shopping! ♥

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