Unspoiled (︺︹︺)





{Skin}-:Glam Affair – Cleo

{Hair}-Magika Early

{Outfit}-[R3] Gina Bodysuit – [V1]..,[R3] Mae Skirt [V1] @ The Thrift Shop

{Boots}-[Gos] Triumph Boots

{Bracelets}-:Amorous : Helix Bracelets

{Bandanaa}-:Z.S: Bandanna Headband

{Ciggie}-Nikotin-Cigarette-Napalm V.2

{Nails}–UtopiaH– Infected Hands

{Eyes}-{D.A} Shattered – Cold

{Holster}-dl:: Gun Holster total black

{Tattoo}-.::DP::…D.O A.G Tattoo,..dl:: Belly Bandaids tattoo..,-UtopiaH– Painful Knees Set

{Piercing}-SuPerBia NoSe GauGe

{Makeup}-.:: Delusions ::. Wrath Face Paints @ PW

{Leg Strap}-dl: Military Legstrap

Hello there. R3volt has some goodies out for The Thrift Shop if you havent been there already definitely check that out. this skirt is awesomesauce. The Bodysuit I just loved and thought would look great with the skirt. Hope you Enjoy The looks sexeh’s and Happy Shopping!

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