This Is Not Cool ,I Can’t Undo ✒✑





{Skin} – Essences ~ CHO @ TDRF

{Hair} – .ploom. Mindy @ Hair Fair

{Outfit} – MoDANNA [Inattendu Collection] Provocative Top White @ TBS …., ~~[M] Low Trousers * (NEW!)

{Boots} – A&Y Deuz Boots – Black

{Eyes} – .ID. June Gift – Galaxy

{Nails} – Mstyle Perfect Hand

{Tattoo} – Endless Pain – Asian Dragon

{Ears} – [][]Trap[][] [ni.Ju] Short Gelf Ears Pierced

{Makeup} – PMD – Raiita @ Total Anarchy

{Headband} – RO – Diable Band – Group Gift!

{Bracelets} – : Amorous : Galvanized

{Piercings # 1} – < – o {adrenaliyn} o – > set AR4-

{Piercings # 2} – –UtopiaH– Launches Niptyes Piercing

{Piercings # 3} –  < – Puncture – > Karma Nipple Piercings

{Armbands} – Cobrahive  arm Straps

{Gloves} – [M] Female Studded Gloves * Black Denim

{Poses} – Purple Poses Danna

Hello There Beautifuls :). I am in love with this skin from essences nahm. Ploom has some really gorgeous hairs at hair fair this year be sure to check them out!. The Boobie show is loaded with delicious boobie clothes I am going back for more . Motivaction just released these hawt jeans and they come in several colors and hud options with a wallet on back and it’s own awesome design :D. Pin Me Down released a Makeup for Total anarchy which is a darkside discount room where everything is $66L or less and it is awesome!. Remarkable Oblivion gave out this kick ass headband as a gift for the group members and I loves it! TY. Hope you enjoy the post guys and Happy Shopping. ♥

Understanding Me ☢


demonhorn lej_001

demonhorn lej4_001


{Skin} – [PF] Alyx

{Hair} – *X*plosion Nana @ Hair Fair

{Outfit} – – crush / tender ronie top – BLK – Lubbly Jubblies @ Cleavage…., D-Style – Panties @ Room 69

{Boobies} – Lolas Tango Mesh Breasts

{Boots} – [sYs] PAMPA ankle boots unisex – black (NEW!)

{Eyes}- {D.A} Moon Eyes – Blue

{Nails} – Mstyle Perfect Hand

{Tail} – <H> Devil Tail

{Collar} – MG – Collar – Midnight Dare

{Tattoo} – [Sleepy Bozer ] Times up tattoo…, -UtopiaH- Painful Knees Set

{Ciggie} – [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] Lucky Strokes Ciggies

{Arm Bands} – Cobrahive Arm Straps

{Makeup} – [ni.Ju] Ankoku

{Horns} – .{Rue } . Horns/Chirurgeon

{Stockings} – *X*plosion ColourCrazy Socks (black)

{Bracelets} – : Amorous : Lacerated

{Necklace} – * Baiastice_Cross jewelry set-black-

{Piercing} – .Pekka. Crucifix UNISEX PIERCING …,dl:: Leg Bow Piercings

{Phone} – dl:: Dirtyland Mobile

{Knee Pad} – dl:: Spiked Knee Guards

Hey there sexeh’s ♥. We have some goodies at events all over the place like this sexy ass top from Crush at Cleavage so hawt! and comes in different colors. These Mini hot pants from Delirium Style which also come in several colors and they are def. hot…pants ;). I loved these boots from SYS the texture is amazing had to have :P. Xplosion put out some amazing hairs for Hair fair I fell in love with this one it looks good in every color so pretty! Hope you guys Enjoy the look and as always Happy shopping ♥.

Unspoiled (︺︹︺)





{Skin}-:Glam Affair – Cleo

{Hair}-Magika Early

{Outfit}-[R3] Gina Bodysuit – [V1]..,[R3] Mae Skirt [V1] @ The Thrift Shop

{Boots}-[Gos] Triumph Boots

{Bracelets}-:Amorous : Helix Bracelets

{Bandanaa}-:Z.S: Bandanna Headband

{Ciggie}-Nikotin-Cigarette-Napalm V.2

{Nails}–UtopiaH– Infected Hands

{Eyes}-{D.A} Shattered – Cold

{Holster}-dl:: Gun Holster total black

{Tattoo}-.::DP::…D.O A.G Tattoo,..dl:: Belly Bandaids tattoo..,-UtopiaH– Painful Knees Set

{Piercing}-SuPerBia NoSe GauGe

{Makeup}-.:: Delusions ::. Wrath Face Paints @ PW

{Leg Strap}-dl: Military Legstrap

Hello there. R3volt has some goodies out for The Thrift Shop if you havent been there already definitely check that out. this skirt is awesomesauce. The Bodysuit I just loved and thought would look great with the skirt. Hope you Enjoy The looks sexeh’s and Happy Shopping!

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell m/(>.<)\m





{Skin}-Glam Affair – Cleo (NEW!)

{Shape}-:Z.S: Katrina Shape (NEW!)

{Hair}-!lamb. Chelsea Girls (NEW!)

{Pants}-*X*plosion X*Cross Female Pants (NEW!)

{Boots}-*X*plosion Smasher Boots (NEW!)

{Pasties}-blackLiquid PASTIES – mouse

{Bracelets}-*BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs – black

{Necklace}-: Amorous : Ankh

{Arm Bands}-Cobrahive Arm Straps Studs

{Nails}-Mstyle Perfect Hand

{Eyes}-{D.A} Sinistre Eyes – Horror Edition

{Tattoo}-::Para Designs:: Dark Guardian Tattoo ~ Unisex

Aaaooowww we got some Sexyiness from Zombie suicide This shape is amazing I usually have my own shapes but I am in love with this one. It’s a def. must see tp to Zombie Suicide NOW and check it out :O. Lamb has some new hairs out and I am loving this one with the Beanie nummy. Xplosions has some Sexeh Jeans out and also the boots that come in 2 versions when you purchase and they go perfectly with the jeans . Amazing textures, colors and styles I always look forward to her creations :). Hope you all enjoyed your week. Happy Shopping Sexeh’s ♥

Decay ☩


techy techy


{Skin}-Lara Hurley-Lina (NEW!)

{Hair}-.ploom. Marisa (NEW!)

{Outfit}-[NV] Bam Dress @ 100 Block

{Boot}-(r)M~(LegWarmer) Platform Boots ~ No.07 @ 100 Block

{Necklace}– .HoD. – Fallen Version v2 Necklace

{Horns}-:Z.S: Fleshy Horns V1 (NEW!)

{Wings}-SuPerBia >HeaD WinGs< >SpiKe WinGs< @ 100 Block

{Shoulder Pads}-*Epic* Dark Gladiator Spiked Shoulders

{Tattoo}-Endless Pain -Demon @ 100 Block

{Makeup}-Corvus : Deep Black Eyeshadow.., Corvus : Cross Forehead Tattoo

{Nails}-[VIRTUAL/INSANITY] NABOO Rings & Claws

{Eyes}-{D.A} Shattered – Cold (NEW!)

{Eye Patch}-*Epic* Black Cyber-Tech Monocle

{Piercings}-[ni.Ju] Celtizine Piercing . wind..,[ni.Ju] Lorr Piercing . monochrome

{Bracelets}-: Amorous : Galvanized

{Stockings}-*T.Whore* – Fishnet Tights Black

Hey there sexeh’s. So I finally dropped in on the 100 block event omg this event is huge with so many great creators. This sexy dress from NV is new and comes with the option for Lola’s and is available in a beautiful choices of colors. Ploom has new hair out based on a older version that is just AWESOME!. redmint has these cute boots that come with a hud so you have several choices of colors to mix and match when you purchase :). Zombie suicide came out with these yummy horns that you can actually match your skin to they are totally awesomesauce! I couldn’t resist the head wings from superbia I might go back and grab some other ones they had too :O. I am loving this tattoo from Endless pain they are one of my favs definitely snatch this one up. Happy Shopping! ♥