Gotta Make That Cash, Won’t Be Pretty Won’t Be Sweet $$

witchy shopping

witchy shopping

witchy shopping





{Skin} – – Glam Affair – Coral – Jamaica – Lotus FLF

{Hair} – +Spellbound+ Hecate @ Dark Style Fair

{Dress} – D-Style – Club Style Dress Coming Soon @ Risque Fair Open Today 5/25 

{Shoes} – :DEADPOOL: GRAVE STRIDES – Slink High Heels @ Risque Fair Open Today! 5/25

{Arm Warmers} – .:cheeky:. Mesh Gloves Fingerles! Black

{Purse} – +>A&A<+  Coffin Purse – Special Edition

{Head Chain} – .PANIK. – Lune Hedchain. Black @ Dark Style Fair

{Garter chains} – POMPOSITY – Large Link Thigh Bands @ Risque fair Open Today! 5/25

{Necklace} – MG – Necklace – Pekkala’s Moon Pentagram

{Bracelet} – –.HoD. – Fallen v2 Bracelet 

{Piercings) – :Diamante:&{K}: Corset Facial Piercing @ Risque fair Open Today! 5/25

{Neck Tattoo} – e.g Quake Tattoo

{Tattoo} – – [Kart’!.]– Tango & FatAzz Bella Tattoo 

{Eyes} –{Dead Apples} Sinistre Lifeless

{Hands} – Slink Mesh Hand Casual

{Feet} – Slink High Feet

{Poses} –Purple Poses Vanessa


Hey there pretties <3. Showing off some awesome goodies that will be avail. at the Risque Fair opening today I am assuming around 12 slt. Be sure to stop in and check out the good stuffs including hawt heels from Dead Pool, Delirium Style Dress so pretty, chain thigh bands from Pomposity and a really cool lip corset piercing from Diamante 😉 just a few of the many creations that will be there. I am so in love with this hair from Spellbound I grabbed it up from Dark style fair as soon as I could lol and the hat is included :p Yay. I also had to have this head chain from Panik also avail. at Dark Style fair if you haven’t gone yet gt going and if you have go again LOL. Keep an eye out for Lm’s on the Risque fair! ❤


Dry Your Eyes And Testify ☪

lady in black

lady in black

lady in black



{Skin} –.Birdy.  . Daenerys Skin 

{Hair} – CATWA HAIR Elsa V2 (NEW!)

{Dress} – ^;^CaTwA^;^ Lava Dress (NEW!)

{Shoes} – Latreia – Mydia Black (NEW!)

{Bag} – Swallow  safari Clutch Black and silver

{Hat} – ChiMia :: Wendy summer hat

{Kitty} – Alchemy/Birdy – Sassy Cat – G – Patch @ Season Story

{Neck Brace} – *C:K* Stylish Leather Neck Bracer – Black

{Arm Warmer} – .:cheeky:. Mesh Gloves Fingerles! Black

{Necklace} – * faun* Athena Necklace

{Bracelets} – etham – Leather Cuff Bracelet – Montserrat

{Arm Chains} – Noodles – Clara Arm Chain Hematite

{Tattoo} – –UtopiaH – The Game of Death Tattoo

{Eyes} – {Dead Apples} Sinistre – Injected Grey

{Hands} – Slink Mesh Hand Casual

{Feet} –Slink High Feet 

{Poses} – !Bang


Hello Loves. Showing off this very stylish dress from Catwa I feel very lady like in this so I went with the mood :). Also Wearing this beautiful New version 2 Elsa hair That was recently released by Catwa so very pretty. Latreia Foot Fashion is in full swing with slink friendly shoes and this is just 1 of the many pairs released and more coming soon woot. So cute. I was given this really cute kitty by a lovely person and I just had to show her off so adorable grab them up at the Season Story!. I hope you all have a great start to the week. ♥

You’ve Got The World On It’s Knees ◕






{Skin} – .Birdy. Daenerys Skin @ The Secret Affair

{Hair} – little bones. Take Everything @ Chapter Four

{Top} – :Z.S: Forsaken Halter top – White V2 Coming soon @ 100 Block Opening today!

{Pants} – .:cheeky:. cut Leggings! Black incl. Azz Applier @ TBS

{Shoes} – *Reign.-Never Royal Flip Flops

{Makeup & Piercing} – – .HoD. – Ineach Face Paints & DevIyn Piercing Collection @  We Roleplay

{Rings} – Cute Poison – Bad Bitch Rings Black 

{Necklace} – .random.Matter. – Rhiannon Necklace – Black/Silver @ We Roleplay

{Anklets} – .HW. Myia -Leather Mesh Anklets

{Bracelets} – JD – Piramide Bracelet

{Arm Laces} – Kennedy’s Arm Corsets

{Foot Chains} – T&R~Bo-Dazzle FootChain Mid Black

{Tattoo} – .Reckless. – Guts & Glory

{Tattoo #2} – ~[M].ink – MIXED STYLE TATTOO APPLIER *04*@ TBS

{Hand Tattoo} – ~[M].ink – Knuckles henna @ TBS

{Foot Tattoo} – ~[M].ink Polynesian style @ TBS

{Eyes} – {Dead Apples}  Sinistre Eyes – Horror Edition

{Hands} – Slink Mesh Hand Casual

{Feet} – Slink Womens Medium Barefeet 

{Booty} –**  Cute Azz

{Poses} –Purple Poses Glitterati


Hello there beautiful people ♥. Zombie suicide released this halter top that is to die for 😮 and will be avail. at the 100 Block event which should be open at 12 pm slt \o/. It comes in a variety of colors and styles via a hud and a must have!. Oh This hair I had to have it the style is amazing I love how it frames the face little bones has done it again and is avail. at the Chapter four event. This skin oooOOoo this skin from birdy for the Secret Affair themed Game of thrones is gorgeous! I am so in love with it! You have got to go check out this event if you haven’t gone already Dragons,Staffs, Armor,Head dresses and so much more GOOO ♥. I picked up this hawt tat from Reckless and Reign Shoes for the Saturday sale at a great price! be sure to check that sale out every week. I wanted to show off yet another amazing Creation from Haus of Darcy that is avail at the We ♥ Roleplay event. Ineach  is the Gaelic word for “taloned” .There are 6 total versions of the – .HoD. – Íneach Face Paints included in this set. Deviyn is the Gaelic word for “fierce”. 8 piercings per bag due to male and female preset sizes. A must have so be sure to grab this set it is beautiful! ♥ Hope you guys enjoy the look and Happy shopping!


I Still See Your Face When You’re Not Around (◡‿◡)





{Skin} – -Glam Affair – Romy ( Asia ) @ Skin Fair

{Hair} – ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Ruby Hair

{Outfit} – .:cheeky:. Band it Suit! White RARE @ Luck of The Irish

{Boots} – * .:: deeR ::. * MESH higher combat boots [PACK03] @ Luck of The Irish

{Vaperizor} – {XO} Keep Calm Vape Cig @ Luck of The Irish

{Rings} – :Z.S: Brain Rings Gacha Items @ TWH

{Belt} – ANE Holster Bag BLACK @ Chapter Four

{Gun} – Obscure – The Killer Colt ( BLACK ) @ Luck of The Irish

{Arm Bands} –POMPOSITY – Linked Handcuff Arm Bands 

{Bracelets} – POMPOSITY – Bullet Bracelets

{Tattoo} –GrungeInk – Demonology Tattoo 

{Makeup} – -UtopiaH- End Of Innocense Face MakeUp @ Skin Fair

{Hands} –Slink Mesh Hand Casual

{Boobies} – Lolas ::: Tango :::

{Booty} –** Cute Azz

{Eyes} –{Dead Apples} Sinistre Eyes – Horror Edition

{Poses} – POSEL Model Poses 1

Hey there Lovelies ♥. Lots of cool events opening including Luck of the Irish Gacha omg very easy to spend all your L. A good way to avoid all the sim traffic and rezzing and look on and look at the Gallery they have on it makes it much easier for shopping for me anyway :p. Sooo many goodies omg be sure to stop in. Skin fair will Officially be open to the public today!!! yayyy. Lots of gorgeous skins my my Have fun with your new skins babes. Glam Affair released this beautiful skin for skin fair and it is also available For Visage Appliers I haven’t gotten into the mesh heads yet but this skin would look good on everything and everyone nom. I had alot of fun with this post I hope you guys and Happy Shopping! ♥

Blind Eyes Shine Through ◍ ◍





{Skin} – Glam Affair Angelica

{Hair} – ~ Tableau Vivant~ Vlodovic hair (NEW!)

{Top} – [S] – Rufflez Top – white @ Silicone

{Pants} – .:cheeky:. Military Jeans! Black W/Phat Azz Appl. (NEW!)

{Boots} –  [sYs] PAMPA ankle boots unisex – black

{Eyes} – {Dead Apples}  Sorrow Eyes – Groupgift!

{Arm Warmers} – [geek.] PokeSleeve –Camo Black-

{Necklace} – .Pekka. Pyr cross necklace ver 2 – Black

{Belt} – >> DK << Armed Explosion Belt

{Holster} – dl::  Gun Holster total black

{Hands} – Slink Mesh Hands

{Makeup} – .Pekka. Shadows in me @ Cosmetic Fair

{Teeth} – DeeTaleZ   Teeth & Tongue Piercing

{Headband} – SuPerBia  *HeaDBanD*

{Tattoo} – –UtopiaH– Beyond the Death Tattoo

{Tattoo #2} – –UtopiaH– Hate My Swag Tattoo + Tango! App (NEW!)

{Tattoo #3} – –UtopiaH– Lust Tattoo

{Piercing} – :Z.S: Bleed Me Dry Piercing @ PW

{Bandanna} – :Z.S: Bandanna Headband

well hi there beautiful peeps. I wanted to show off this awesome piercing with blood makeup from Zombie suicide ahh I loves def. check that out and there are a ton of other goodies avail. at Perfect wardrobe. I am so lovin this hair just released by Tableau vivant with amazing colors and wearable with boobies woot. This top is so cute and is out for the silicone event by Stickyz and avail. in several colors ♥. Cheeky has some hawtness all over her store including this low waist camo pants that come with phat azz appliers :o. check those. I hope you guys like and Happy Shopping! ♥