Why So Serious? Σ=)





{Skin} –Glam Affair  – Valentine skin Group Giftie!

{Hair} – ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Rosalina Hair (NEW!)

{Top} – Candy Crunchers – Hearty Top – White w/ tango app. @ SLFW

{Skirt} – [whatever] Skaterskirt @ SLFW

{Shoes} – S.L.A.D Platform Sneaker @ SLFW

{Hat} – Yasum*MESH*The Joker*Rare* @ FGC

{Choker} –.tsg.  Chained Hearts Collar – Black

{Knees} – *PerveTTe* [Knees] Mistery w/Bows @ SLFW

{Eyes} – PMD – Era eyes – Set 1 @ Futurewave

{Makeup} – PMD – One – Set 1 @ Futurewave

{Bracelets} –Cobrahive – Belt Bracelets

{Rings} – Cute Poison – Bad Bitch Rings Black @ The Big Show

{Tattoo} –Endless Pain  – Bad Romance

{Poses} –Purple Poses  – Carmem

Hello babes ♥. I wanted to show off some sexeh stuffs. Catwa released this way cute hair with a Ponytail you can add on or not ;). you can also wear with boobies yay a must have for that all around sexy look. SL fashion week opened with a bang so many goodies there be sure to stop in :o. Glam affair put out this totally gorgeous skin for Valentines day be sure to snatch that up!. Pin Me down released these cool ass eyes and makeup avail. at the FutureWave event which just opened yesterday so be sure to check this event out. I hope you all had a awesome weekend and happy Shopping Loves ♥

I See Beauty In Everything, But The World Is Still Fading Away =☾





{Skin} – Essences – Harper *doux* @ TDRF

{Hair} – ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Lily Hair (NEW!)

{Top} – [-S-] Graphic Tee – Design 2 @ Silicone

{Pants} – Yasum Space Steam Leggings*GACHA*Common*PITCH @ FGC

{Antlers} – –UtopiaH– My Spiky Faun Headband Raven 

{Clutch} – Retro’. narciso plexiglass clutch @ SLFW

{Arm Straps} – Cobrahive – arm straps [studs]

{Shoulder Spikes} – *Tentacio* Rider shoulder black

{Holster} –[whatever] Gun Holster – black

{Choker} –:Z.S: Jill hunt item – Spiked Collar

{Garter} –*Milk* My Leather Leg Straps

{Ring} – *Baiastice_Cross jewelry set-black

{Bracelet} – *BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs – black

{Piercing} – –UtopiaH– Sound Piercing

{Eyes} – {{Dead Apples}  Twinkle Eyes – Cold (NEW!)

{Lipstick} – Pink Acid Plumped Up Lips – Lipstick Basics – Bare It All @ SLFW

{Tattoo} – Letis Tattoo :: Dangling :: Group giftie 1L

{Tattoo #2} – Letis Tattoo :: Skulls :: Group giftie 1L

{Poses} – POSEL – Model Posepack @ SLFW

Well Hello there babes. This skin out for The dressing room from essences is soooo pretty. It originally has deep red lips but I added this glossy lip gloss from Pink Acid avail. at SL fashion week and it went really pretty with this. More new hair from Catwa and oh . It is a must have 😮 so beautiful! ♥. Silicone is Opening up a new round this shirt is just one of the many goodies that will be there :D. I fell in love with these pants from Yasum avail. at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and the shoes are part of the pants! I think I am going to go back when it dies down and get a few more pairs. This Clutch I thought was awesome and see through so you can put it with everything what an eye catcher also at SL Fashion Week. Zombie  Suicide made this really sexy Choker for the Jack or Jill Hunt Jill side be sure to check it out it’s def. worth it. I hope you guys like and Happy shopping! ♥

Falling Victim To Your Fantasy ☿





{Skin} – Glam Affair – Angelica

{Hair} – =Dela*= Boobs Mesh Hair “Adriana” (NEW!)

{Outfit} – 1 Hundred. Envy Bodysuit. Black @ TBS

{Boots} –  A&Y Deuz Boots – black

{Eyes} – {D.A} Moon Eyes Blue

{Face Chain} – .Things. – Soma Face Chain*Black

{Hands} – Slink Mesh Hands

{Braces} – PP – Riu Spiked Bracelets

{Horns} – Simplecandy – Mesh Massacre Horns

{Tattoo} – -[Kart’!.]- Tango & FatAzz Bella Tattoo @ TBS

{Piercing} – :HV: Schakal [Holy]*Mesh*

{Arm Bands} – Cobrahive

{Choker} – .Pekka.. Chain Collar [Black]

{Knee Pad} – dl::  Spiked Knee Guards

{Shoulder Pads} –  *Epic* Dark Gladiator Spiked Shoulders

{Teeth} – DeeTaleZ  Teeth & Tongue Piercing

{Stockings #1} –*League* Side-Gartered Stockings -Black

{Stockings #2} – erratic / fishnet wide / black

{Makeup #1} – Lovely Disarray – Lines & Dots: Face & Body Paint

well hello there sweets I wanted to show you really pretty new dela hair you can purchase as a boobie hair or as a normal hair I loves. 1 Hundred put out these hawt as hell bodysuits for The Boobie show birthday they are available with the lolas app. and also the phat azz app. and there are several leathery colors to choose. Omg this tat that is also avialable at the boobie show is awesome! Also available with phat azz and lolas option. Hope you guys like and have a great week! ♥

Remember When.. We Were Such Fools ❆





{Skin} – Glam Affair  – Angelica – (NEW!)

{Hair} – [taketomi]_Tatsuya_

{Outfit} – – Pr!cK – sEeViCe DUsed – @ Silicone

{Leggings #1} – dl::  Serrated Socks

{Leggings #2} – *League*Gartered Socks -Grey

{Eyes} –.ID. Stunning (Special edition) Aqua Group giftie!

{Bracelets} – *BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs – black

{Hands} – Slink Mesh Hands

{Nails} – PMD – Nail huds for Slink Avatar Enhancement system

{Boots} – [sYs]  DOOM boots (black)

{Tattoo #1} – .Identity. Body Shop – Thug Life @ Silicone

{Tattoo #2} – [MALICE] Tattoo THUG LIFE Unisex

{Tattoo #3} – -UtopiaH– My Wonderland Tattoo

{Piercing #1} – r.M.  – Frantic – Black

{Piercings #2} – r.M. . – Harvester – Piercing

{Piercings #3} – :Z.S: Chest Piercing V1

{Arm Bands} – Cobrahive

Hello Lovelies. I wanted to show you this cute cute overalls from Pr!ck available at Silicone this round. It matches great with the Lolas yummeh :). More Identity tats are also there this is another that I am bringing to you. Insufferable dastard put out these adorable eyes as a group gift and they are also available at the shop so many pretty choices. Hope you guys like and as always Happy shopping!

The Killer In Me, Is The Killer In You ☠





{Skin} – :[ Al Vulo! ] – [Lucilla] – @ Stalkerazzi

{Hair} – TRUTH HAIR Juniper @ Seasons Story Event

{Dress} – :Z.S: Furious dress V1 (NEW!)

{Shoes} – Latreia– Myka Black

{Bracelets} – [whatever] curvy bracelet – black

{Eyes} – IKON‘ Sunrise’ Eyes – Eggplant Pale

{Piercing} – :Z.S: Aiden Mouth Piercing (NEW!)

{Teeth} – [whatever]  Teeth

{Choker} –  .Pekka. Chain Collar [Black]

{Hands} – Slink Mesh Hands

{Nails} –+>A&A<+  Pack Nailpolish Appliers for Slink FLF

{Necklace} – MG – Necklace – Granada Filigree Cross

{Earrings} –[whatever] Cross Spike Earrings

{Glasses} – SYL / Kitty Ear Glasses – Black

{Garter} –  {ae} gun holster

{Tattoo #1} – Endless Pain – Asian Dragon

{Tattoo #2} –  .Identity.. Body Shop – Broken Glass

{Tattoo #3} – –UtopiaH– Painful Knees Set

{Poses} –Purple Poses

Hi There sweets. Zombie Suicide released this sexy dress with a hud to choose different colors I love it very stylish and also a new piercing release which you can change the colors of the stones def. check that stuff out ;). More hair from the Seasons story event they have a lot of goodies there and hair is a bad addiction lol. be sure to stop in and grab up the goods. Happy Shopping sexeh’s ♥