Falling Victim To Your Fantasy ☿





{Skin} – Glam Affair – Angelica

{Hair} – =Dela*= Boobs Mesh Hair “Adriana” (NEW!)

{Outfit} – 1 Hundred. Envy Bodysuit. Black @ TBS

{Boots} –  A&Y Deuz Boots – black

{Eyes} – {D.A} Moon Eyes Blue

{Face Chain} – .Things. – Soma Face Chain*Black

{Hands} – Slink Mesh Hands

{Braces} – PP – Riu Spiked Bracelets

{Horns} – Simplecandy – Mesh Massacre Horns

{Tattoo} – -[Kart’!.]- Tango & FatAzz Bella Tattoo @ TBS

{Piercing} – :HV: Schakal [Holy]*Mesh*

{Arm Bands} – Cobrahive

{Choker} – .Pekka.. Chain Collar [Black]

{Knee Pad} – dl::  Spiked Knee Guards

{Shoulder Pads} –  *Epic* Dark Gladiator Spiked Shoulders

{Teeth} – DeeTaleZ  Teeth & Tongue Piercing

{Stockings #1} –*League* Side-Gartered Stockings -Black

{Stockings #2} – erratic / fishnet wide / black

{Makeup #1} – Lovely Disarray – Lines & Dots: Face & Body Paint

well hello there sweets I wanted to show you really pretty new dela hair you can purchase as a boobie hair or as a normal hair I loves. 1 Hundred put out these hawt as hell bodysuits for The Boobie show birthday they are available with the lolas app. and also the phat azz app. and there are several leathery colors to choose. Omg this tat that is also avialable at the boobie show is awesome! Also available with phat azz and lolas option. Hope you guys like and have a great week! ♥

Remember When.. We Were Such Fools ❆





{Skin} – Glam Affair  – Angelica – (NEW!)

{Hair} – [taketomi]_Tatsuya_

{Outfit} – – Pr!cK – sEeViCe DUsed – @ Silicone

{Leggings #1} – dl::  Serrated Socks

{Leggings #2} – *League*Gartered Socks -Grey

{Eyes} –.ID. Stunning (Special edition) Aqua Group giftie!

{Bracelets} – *BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs – black

{Hands} – Slink Mesh Hands

{Nails} – PMD – Nail huds for Slink Avatar Enhancement system

{Boots} – [sYs]  DOOM boots (black)

{Tattoo #1} – .Identity. Body Shop – Thug Life @ Silicone

{Tattoo #2} – [MALICE] Tattoo THUG LIFE Unisex

{Tattoo #3} – -UtopiaH– My Wonderland Tattoo

{Piercing #1} – r.M.  – Frantic – Black

{Piercings #2} – r.M. . – Harvester – Piercing

{Piercings #3} – :Z.S: Chest Piercing V1

{Arm Bands} – Cobrahive

Hello Lovelies. I wanted to show you this cute cute overalls from Pr!ck available at Silicone this round. It matches great with the Lolas yummeh :). More Identity tats are also there this is another that I am bringing to you. Insufferable dastard put out these adorable eyes as a group gift and they are also available at the shop so many pretty choices. Hope you guys like and as always Happy shopping!

Feeling Undone, What Have I Become? =✖





{Skin} – -Glam Affair – Katya @ C88

{Hair} – .ploom. Twiddle

{Top} – D-Style – Alexis Leather Jacket (NEW!)

{Skirt} – D-Style – Mia Mini

{Shoes} – Latreia– Angelica White (NEW!)

{Bracelet} – ~Pepper~ Bracelets FUCK ME 100L Sale!

{Eyes} – {D.A} Sinistre – Drowned Blue

{Hands} – Slink Mesh Hand

{Nails} – [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] Slink Hands Fingernails Applier – URBAN @ PW

{Piercing #1} – .Pekka. Radioactive Unisex Piercing (NEW!)

{Piercing #2} – [ S H O C K ] Claws of Death Piercings

{Tattoo} – .:: Delusions ::. Voulez Vous Couchez Avec Moi

{Horns} – [ni.Ju] Eurexiaun Horns . basics

{Knee Pads} – dl:: Knee Guards

{Socks} – *League* Gartered Socks -Grey

{Makeup} – Lovely Disarray – The Ophidian

Greetings Sexeh’s. I wanted to show off this gorgeous leather jacket from Delirium style I absolutely love it! and it is available in several awesome colors. It fits so well and goes with everything a must have!. Latreia released these awesome winged boots I love the styles on them and so many choices be sure to stop in her shop and check those out! Pepper is having a 100L sale everything in the shop is that amount grab it up while you can. Pekka released these awesome piercings \o/ definitely worth the L. Hope you guys like the look and happy shopping! ♥

Gettin’ Back, Back On Track, Get Off Of My Back ᵟ





{Skin} – ::Modish:: Gety @ TBF

{Hair} – .ploom. Mindy

{Bow} – :Z.S: Skully bow hair tie @ The Black Market

{Horns} – -UtopiaH- My Rich Horns Smoke @ SLFW

{Top} – lazybones – crop top @ SLFW

{Skirt} – *Milk* My Summer Aztek @ SLFW

{Boots} – *~Ri!~* HoH No. 026

{Necklace} – [tea.s] Cutie Bow Necklace @ SLFW

{Bracelet} – :Z.S: Star WristBands (NEW!)

{Eyes} – {D.A} Shattered – Cold

{Hands} – Slink Mesh Hand

{Nails} – PMD – Nail huds for Slink Hands – Black & White

{Piercing #1} – Cute Poison – Tsukimi Piercings @ SLFW

{Piercing #2} – –SU!– Elyse Facial Piercings (NEW!)

{Belly Chain} – [7891.] Catro Belts @ SLFW

{Garter} – dl:: Demon’s Legstrap

{Tattoo #1} – !::Wicked Tattoos::i – Born Evil Sleeves

{Tattoo #2} – -SU!– Bloody Knees

{Stockings} – *League* Gartered Socks -Grey


Hiya Sexeh’s. Bringing some more SL Fashion Week goodies your way I couldn’t help but pick these horns up from Utopiah I loves them and they are available in several cute colors! I wanted to show off these tops available with Lolas tango options and These hawt hawt skirts from Milk also available in SL Fashion week woot. Zombie Suicide released these adorable bows for the Black Market which this is the last month they will be doing that event :(. So stop in  and check that out. I hope you guys like and Happy Shopping! ♥

Shadow Of A Soul ◑





{Skin} – ::Modish:: Gety @ TBF

{Hair} – !lamb. Thieves Like Us (NEW!)

{Outfit} – [R3] – Maisie Top [V2]…, [R3] – Kacey Frills Panties [V3] (NEW!)

{Warmers} – LUAS EMY WARMERS DARK @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

{Feet & Hands} – Slink Mesh Hand …, Slink Womens Mesh Barefeet

{Choker} – .Pekka. Chain Collar [Black] (NEW!)

{Bracers} – [The Forge] Basic Bracer, (Tribal 1) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

{Teeth} –  [whatever]  Teeth

{Eyes} – {D.A} Shattered – Cold

{Makeup} – .:: Delusions ::. Wrath Face Paints

{Headband} – .:GSpot:. little crown dark @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

{Backpack} – !CD Season of the Witch Pack Winter @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

{Stockings} – *League* Gartered Socks -Grey…,*League* Side-Gartered Stockings -Black

{Nails} – Mstyle  Perfect Hand

{Tattoo} – Custom iNKZ – Bad To The Bone Tattoo

{Poses} – Purple Poses

Hello Sexeh’s :). I have been running around to all these events and shopping and there is so many awesome goodies out. The Fantasy Carnival has gorgeous creations out and I am addicted to Gachas so try your luck and end up with great stuff every time. R3volt put out these adorable ruffle panties a must have and the top just went so well with it. Be sure to stop in R3volt and check out their beautiful stuffs. The Black Fair is loaded with so many well known creators and great stuff period I am so lovin this skin from Modish it is so hawt and my new fav atm :p. Pekka released a hawt chained choker omg I loves!. Hope you guys enjoy ♥ and are having a great week.