Round And Round We Go, Look Out Below ಠ≍ಠ





{Skin} – [PF] Sora <Vanilla> – Sugoi @ A&A Anniversary Sale!

{Hair} – Magika – Shine (NEW!)

{Top} – .::VD::. Lace Corset 04 (NEW!)

{Tights} – Gawk! Black Striped Nylon Tights (NEW!)

{Boots} – * .:: deeR ::. * MESH higher combat boots [PACK01] @  Luck of The Irish

{Hat} – Axis – The Poker Mechanohat – (Rare) @ Madpea SGF

{Arm Warmer} – Yasum*MESH*Pegan Steam Gloves*UNISEX*

{Choker} – …:::Scrub:::…..White Rabbit Collar

{Necklace} – Eclectica ‘Mechanika’ watch Neckpiece 9 @ Madpea SGF

{Shoulder Pet} – .::DD::. Mister Krakenopoly RARE @ Madpea SGF

{Tattoo} –.Identity. Body Shop – Dirty Sinner

{Piercing} –.Pekka. Canion Unisex Piercing – BLACK

{Makeup} –{Dead Apples} Tint My Lids Eyeshadows – Group Giftie!

{Makeup #2} –Chary – Midas Makeups

{Hands} –Slink Mesh Hand Casual

{Booty} –** Cute Azz

{Boobies} – Lolas ::: Tango :::

{Eyes} –{Dead Apples} Sinistre Eyes – Horror Edition

{Poses} – Focus Poses Burlesque w.Cane,Project Puppet Pack 24 (NEW!)

Hello Beautiful People!. I had a lot of fun with this look and totally and completely fell in love with this Pink fuel skin avail.  at the Abhor Abhor Sim for their awesome sale going on not to mention several other creators joined in on the fun  ;). New Cuteness from Magika ohhh this hair is so adorbs a must have. So There is this new Applier store on the grid and I have been watching them grow and decorate their sim and it’s amazing! VooDoo dollz is the name of the store and outfits to die for let me tell you. All kinds of styles to choose from including this sexy corset top I am wearing, so if your looking for something sexy for your boobies and azz’z this is the place to go not to mention you can wear them without any mesh parts also ♥ GOO. Steampunk Gacha Fair is in full swing and has some really great stuff there go check it I had fun :p. Hope everyone has a great start to the week. Happy Shopping.

Never Outrun What You Defend ❂





{Skin} – Essences Emma *doux* 03 @ Seasons Story

{Hair} – !lamb. White Chalk – @ C88

{Outfit} – EMPORIUM- Suspender Dress @ SLFW

{Boots} – –DRD – post apoc nerd stompers coal (NEW!)

{Headband} – .::DD::. Always Circlet @ SLFW

{Eyes} – {Dead Apples} Shattered – Blind

{Bracelet} – [R3] – Jaimy Gloves [V3]

{Piercing} –…:::Scrub:::….Piercing Sadness (Edited)

{Horns} – –UtopiaH– My Rich Horns Raven

{Necklace} – -Glam Affair – ChainedLink Necklace Black @ C88

{Tattoo} – [Sleepy Bozer] Yummy Vine Tattoo

{Tattoo #2} – *PerveTTe* – Mistery Tattoo @ SLFW

{Claws} – :Z.S: Zandra Tipped Claws (NEW!)

Hello Lovelies. More goodies at SL Fashion week these suspender dresses are ADORBS!. avail. in different patterns and colors and also different texts on the shirts ;). Cute tattoos and circlets also put out for this event be sure to stop in!. Seasons Story is a fav for me and this beautiful skin from Essences is there for a great price me loves!. Lamb released this hair for collabor 88 ahhhh so so very cute along with many other creators there a must see. Zombie suicide put out some amazing claws with a hud to change out color tips and yes you can wear them with Slink also 😮 Def. check this item out!. New boots from Death Row designs oh yes 😉 Happy shopping guys ♥

The Person I Was Before Is Nothing Like Me (╥﹏╥)





{Skin} – –Glam Affair – Angelica

{Hair} – .ploom.. I Can See Your Halo (NEW!)

{Nails} – PMD Nail Hud Grimmur (New!)

{Top} – Nicki’s Outfit! {.Pixel.Dust.} @  Silicone

{Skirt} – …:::Scrub:::…  8 Buckles Skirt Black

{Heels} – [LW] Ibis -Platform Heels- ***NOIR*** (NEW!)

{Eyes} – PMD – Erina – White System Failure Hunt

{Bracelets} –  :Z.S:  elastic wraps

{Earrings} – :Z.S: Cherry Earrings coming soon @ TRFF

{Necklace} – [tea.s] Star Key Necklace

{Headband} – RO – Crown of Thorns

{Ears} – . Legit . Short Elf Ears

{Clutch} – [7891.] Bubble Clutch @ SLFW

{Makeup} – – Chary – Blurred / Tinted Lines )

{Makeup #2} – -SU!- Adds On Your Face Tattoo 03 Body Mod Event

{Tattoo} – Grungeink – Luck Tattoo w/appliers! (NEW!)

{Tattoo #2} – – Chary  – Goth Feet Tattoo’s

{Piercing} – [ni.Ju] Terymn Piercing

{Poses} – Purple Poses

Hello loves. I have so much from so many creators to show off  \o/! I fell in love with this ploom hair that came out for the 13 days of Halloween so pretty. This very hawt body suit avail. at Silicone also comes with phat azz appliers. These heels are just sexy and also come in a very glossy shine style I LOVES. Pin Me Down released some goodies for the System Failure Hunt the eyes are just 1 part check it out ;). Zombie Suicide put out some stuffs for the Rockabilly Fashion Fair like these pretty Cherry Earrings Opening just around the corner. Awesome Clutch avail. at SL Fashion Week lots of goodies there! Grungeink Has this sweet tat avail. with slink hand tat wooOoo Grab that up! Hope you guys have a great Weekend!

No One To tells Us Who To Be, Or How To Feed Vv● ●vV





{Skin} – –Glam Affair – Vera – Horror edition GROUP GIFT!

{Hair} –  [LeLutka]-HELEN hair W/ [LeLutka]-SERENA Bangs Both (NEW!)

{Top} – ~~[M] [Open Shirt w/ Corset (NEW!)

{Skirt} – [R3] – Mika Mini [V3]

{Leg Warmers} – fri. – Legwarmers (Scarlet) @ C88

{Eyes} – {{Dead Apples}  Phantom Eyes – Blind Rage (NEW!)

{Braces} – ~Sassy!~ Polished Cuff Bracelet

{Apples} – . a i s l i n g .Yummy Apple coming soon @ Enchantment Event

{Antlers} – +Half-Deer+ Elegant Antlers – Black [Poisoned Apple Ltd. Ed] coming soon @ enchantment Event

{Makeup} – {Dead Apples}  Glam Goth Make-up Pack

{Makeup #2} – .Pekka. Shadows in me @  Cosmetic Fair

{Tattoo} – Grungeink – Transformation Tattoo (NEW!)

{Tattoo #2} – – Chary  – Fades.

{Ears} – [Gauze] [][]Trap[][] Ripped Ears Pierced

{Belt} – …:::Scrub:::… Rosary Belt

Hey there Beautiful People! So I had to show off this group gift skin from Glam affair it is very pretty I love the make up on it. New Hair from Lelutka ahhh I actually ended up putting 2 separate hairs together for this look I really liked it and I absolutely love both hairstyles by themselves gorgeous! Motivaction released these cute tops and the options are Massive via a hud check it out :D. Grungeink has new ink!!!! with appliers and it is awesome! The enchantment Event Will Open Nov.1st and This one is centered on snow white very very cool creations are added and this will be a on going event be sure to look for LM to the event when it opens!! Hope you guys like and Have a great Week! ♥

Find Me Distant, Outwardly Rough, Obscene ✥





{Skin} – Glam Affair – Angelica

{Hair} –(Chemistry)Hair – Tamora – (NEW!)

{Top} – …::: Scrub :::… Ooops Top Lolas Black @ Silicone

{Panties} – –SU!– Comfort Panties Black

{Leggings} – D-Style– Inna Spats

{Eyes} –  {D.A}  Shattered – Cold

{Arm Warmers} – Apricot Paws: FGC: Belted Armbands – Goth Batty RARE @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

{Hands} – Slink  Mesh Hands

{Hand Tattoos} – *Milk* Bad Bitch Tatted Knucks (NEW!)

{Foot Tattoo} – Chary – Goth Feet Tattoo’s For Slink (NEW!)

{Bracelets} – (epoque.s) Abrasive Cuff – Obsidian

{Rings} – :Z.S: Fruity Bears Tri Rings Rare @ Candy Fair

{Headband} – :Z.S: Fruity Bears Sugar 2 Rare @ Candy Fair

{Headband #2} – [Keystone] Catena Corona – Mossbone – ULTRARARE @Fantasy Gacha Carnival

{Necklace #1} – ~Pepper~ Crown Necklace

{Choker} – .Pekka.. Chain Collar [Black]

{Makeup} – – Chary  – Devotion Makeup

{Teeth} – DeeTaleZ  Teeth & Tongue Piercing

{Piercing} – .Pekka. Canion Unisex Piercing

{Piercing #2} – Pure Poison – Fantasy Nipples Pierce @ Silicone

{Tattoo #1} – Suicide Gurls – Doomed Tatoo

{Tattoo #2} – *Milk*  If You Love tattoo

Hello Gorgeous Sexeh’s. So much stuff going on I can not keep up but the events are amazing and the designers even more so!. New hair from chemistry is just gorgeous and my new fav atm :p. Scrub released these hawt ass tops for silicone omg I loves so many colors to choose from also def. not a shy top ;). I picked up some awesome items from Fantasy Gacha just unique beautiful creations there be sure to check it out. Zombie suicide put out these really great rings and headbands for candy fair so  so cute and every color you can imagine in gacha style so def. check that shop out while your there :). Also Pure poison has these incredible nipple piercings also a release for Silicone they are so pretty! Happy shopping sexeh’s ♥