Blind Eyes Shine Through ◍ ◍





{Skin} – Glam Affair Angelica

{Hair} – ~ Tableau Vivant~ Vlodovic hair (NEW!)

{Top} – [S] – Rufflez Top – white @ Silicone

{Pants} – .:cheeky:. Military Jeans! Black W/Phat Azz Appl. (NEW!)

{Boots} –  [sYs] PAMPA ankle boots unisex – black

{Eyes} – {Dead Apples}  Sorrow Eyes – Groupgift!

{Arm Warmers} – [geek.] PokeSleeve –Camo Black-

{Necklace} – .Pekka. Pyr cross necklace ver 2 – Black

{Belt} – >> DK << Armed Explosion Belt

{Holster} – dl::  Gun Holster total black

{Hands} – Slink Mesh Hands

{Makeup} – .Pekka. Shadows in me @ Cosmetic Fair

{Teeth} – DeeTaleZ   Teeth & Tongue Piercing

{Headband} – SuPerBia  *HeaDBanD*

{Tattoo} – –UtopiaH– Beyond the Death Tattoo

{Tattoo #2} – –UtopiaH– Hate My Swag Tattoo + Tango! App (NEW!)

{Tattoo #3} – –UtopiaH– Lust Tattoo

{Piercing} – :Z.S: Bleed Me Dry Piercing @ PW

{Bandanna} – :Z.S: Bandanna Headband

well hi there beautiful peeps. I wanted to show off this awesome piercing with blood makeup from Zombie suicide ahh I loves def. check that out and there are a ton of other goodies avail. at Perfect wardrobe. I am so lovin this hair just released by Tableau vivant with amazing colors and wearable with boobies woot. This top is so cute and is out for the silicone event by Stickyz and avail. in several colors ♥. Cheeky has some hawtness all over her store including this low waist camo pants that come with phat azz appliers :o. check those. I hope you guys like and Happy Shopping! ♥

Remember When.. We Were Such Fools ❆





{Skin} – Glam Affair  – Angelica – (NEW!)

{Hair} – [taketomi]_Tatsuya_

{Outfit} – – Pr!cK – sEeViCe DUsed – @ Silicone

{Leggings #1} – dl::  Serrated Socks

{Leggings #2} – *League*Gartered Socks -Grey

{Eyes} –.ID. Stunning (Special edition) Aqua Group giftie!

{Bracelets} – *BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs – black

{Hands} – Slink Mesh Hands

{Nails} – PMD – Nail huds for Slink Avatar Enhancement system

{Boots} – [sYs]  DOOM boots (black)

{Tattoo #1} – .Identity. Body Shop – Thug Life @ Silicone

{Tattoo #2} – [MALICE] Tattoo THUG LIFE Unisex

{Tattoo #3} – -UtopiaH– My Wonderland Tattoo

{Piercing #1} – r.M.  – Frantic – Black

{Piercings #2} – r.M. . – Harvester – Piercing

{Piercings #3} – :Z.S: Chest Piercing V1

{Arm Bands} – Cobrahive

Hello Lovelies. I wanted to show you this cute cute overalls from Pr!ck available at Silicone this round. It matches great with the Lolas yummeh :). More Identity tats are also there this is another that I am bringing to you. Insufferable dastard put out these adorable eyes as a group gift and they are also available at the shop so many pretty choices. Hope you guys like and as always Happy shopping!

I Don’t Know What’s Worth Fighting For, Or Why I Have To Scream (҂⌣̀_⌣́)ᕤ







{Skin} – :[ Al Vulo! ] – [Lucilla] – @ Stalkerazzi

{Hair} – “”D!va”” Hair “Kalli2” @ Seasons Story Event

{Jacket} – [R3] – Carlee Jacket [V2] (NEW!)

{Jeans} – D-Style – Bray’n Ale Unisex Baggies (NEW!)

{Shoes} – [sYs] PAMPA ankle boots (unrigged mesh) unisex – black

{Eyes} – IKON‘ Sunrise’ Eyes – Arabian Blue Pale

{Necklace #1} – .Things. -faith necklace*silver

{Necklace #2} – Candy Crunchers – Guitar Necklace watch -Black

{Hands} – Slink Mesh Hands

{Nails} – +>A&A<+  Pack Nailpolish Appliers for Slink FLF

{Head Band} –  .Pekka. Barbed wired crown – old metal (NEW!)

{Tattoo #1} – –UtopiaH– Hey Bitch!! You Are Pathetic Tattoo

{Tattoo #2} – –UtopiaH– DANGEROUS Tattoo

Greetings again :p. I wanted to show off this awesome Jacket released by R3volt that is available with shirt or without and several designs and colors. Check out R3volt! Delirium Style never fails and released some awesome as hell Unisex baggie jeans that sag right into your shoes for an amazing fit just a really awesome job all around ,the chain you can change the textures and the pockets and there are some really cool choices LOVE them! Be sure to stop in Delirium style to check those out. I am totally in love with this Hair from D!va also at the Seasons story event wooo. Hope you guys like! ♥

Lost,Uncertain,But I Feel Good With You (♥♥,)





{Skin}-(FreshFace) Violet- Caramel (NEW!)

{Hair}-Eaters Coma – HAIR 23 (NEW!)

{Outfit}-[R3] Pepper Half-Top [V1] (NEW!)..,[NV] 210 Jeans White (NEW!)

{Pasties}–SU!– Cross Pasties Grey

{Boots}- [sYs] DOOM boots (black)

{Boobies}-Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts

{Piercing}-[ni.Ju] Terymn Piercing

{Nails}-Mstyle Perfect Hand

{Eyes}-ID. Mermaid Eyes / Teal

{Belly Chain}-<-Puncture-> Belly Chain [BITCH]

{Tattoo}-::: Core ::: Dragon Lady

{Makeup}-SuPerBia TaTs – WaRs 3 FaCe TaTToo

{Arm Bands}-Cobrahive Arm Straps

{Bracelets}-(epoque.s) Abrasive Cuff – Obsidian

Hey there sexeh’s ♥ We got some goodies from R3volt! and [NV] omg I love both of these items! The r3volt top comes with a hud and several texture options and yes you can wear with Lola’s \o/. The new jeans from [NV] are totally bad ass I am wearing these things forever lol. The fit so good and they avail. in several colors so def. check those!. More beautiful hair from eaters coma with Lola Tango option omg. I am adoring these skins from FreshFace the detail is just yummeh. Enjoy the post sexeh’s and happy shopping!

Slipping Away ☥





{Skin}-Essences – Taurus @ Zodiac


{Hair}-Action Mesh Hair Megan (NEW!)

{Outfit}-^^GT^^ Tube Dress Draped face (Horror Haute)

{Boot}-[sYs] KAZAKH boots MESH – Plastic black

{Nails}-Mstyle Perfect Hand

{Eyes}-{D.A} Sinistre Eyes – Horror Edition

{Mask}-:Z.S: Steampunk Gas Mask (NEW!)

{Horns}-.Mes Sucreries. Manga Horns { Chained } Black (NEW!)

{Bracelets}-LaGyo_Eleanor bangle @ TDRF

{Garter}-dl:: Addicted Legband

{Makeup}-[ni.Ju] Ankoku..,Inside Lab Retro Liner

{Piercing}-[ni.Ju] Spikes and Chains Eyebrow Piercing..,-UtopiaH– Wild Skull Piercing

{Tattoo}-[Top]–UtopiaH– Around The Hell Tattoo..,[Bottom]–UtopiaH– I’m the Wings That Keep your Heart in the Sky Tattoo

Hey there my Sexeh’s. So we got new hair at action woot woot I originally picked up a purplish pink version at The dressing room then I HAD to go to the main store and pick up more colors :P. It’s awesome!. Zombie suicide has these Amazing Masks out! they come in all kinds of different colors and huds to choose more 😀 def. get your cute booty’s there :D. More horns ppl from Mes Sucreries ahhh these are totally delicious . Very well made! grab them up. Hope you enjoy the look and Happy shopping! ♥